International Workshop on Superhuman Sports

– Competing in Mixed Realities –

- March 24, 2019 – Osaka, Japan -


As a child have you ever dreamed of having superpowers: flying through the air, being invisible or climbing straight up walls? During childhood, we often role-play and pretend we have super powers. Motivated by these episodes, this workshop brings together experts different computing and engineering disciplines focusing on how we might use AR/VR and other augmentation technologies to make some of these powers a reality. With Superhuman Sports, we want to create an application area to explore AR/VR technologies to enhance human abilities in a playful way. The field of superhuman sports combines competition and physical elements from traditional sports with technology to overcome the somatic and spatial limitations of our human bodies. The focus is on improving cognitive and physical functions of the human body, creating artificial senses and reflexes to participate in sports competitions: creating and exploring new experiences with these novel senses and reflexes by augmenting old sports, designing new sports, enhancing the training, and sharing with the audience locally and remotely.

Sensory Augmentation

Any type of technology that augments and enhances human senses.

Sports Field Enhancements

Digital tools that change the actual sports field or extend it into virtual reality.

Training Technologies

Improving and amplifying training for conventional or new sports.

Novel AR/VR Sports

Conceptual ideas on how to use virtual reality and other technologies to create novel sports.

Spectator Augmentation

Topics and research that improves the experience of watching sports.